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Erwin Sattler Classica KS 130 M

Erwin Sattler Classica KS 130 M

World renowned watch, clock, and watch-winder maker Erwin Sattler presents the German made Classica KS 130 M Wall clock

AU$30,000.00 (AU$27,272.73 ex GST for deliveries outside Australia)

Benefits and prices include:

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Erwin Sattler Classica KS 130 M


Erwin Sattler Classica KS 130 M


In response to requests from horological connoisseurs, the collection from the Erwin Sattler manufacture has welcomed a new addition, which combines two Classica series and finally puts an end to the need to decide between a calendar function with moon phase display and a chiming strike train: the Classica KS 130 M . Rim and base have metal inlays.

The Classica KS 130 M shows the date and day with blued steel hands and audibly yet subtly chimes the time, striking one tone on the halfhour and the full number of tones on the hour on one fine gong. The hand-painted moon disc has been moved from its previous 12 o’clock position to the lower edge of the dial in order to make room for a seconds display to this elaborate regulator.

The bezel and pendulum bob are lovingly crafted from solid brass by experienced hands, and exquisite woods encase the usual high-precision technology of the long-lasting movement. The multi-functional Classica KS 100 will be equally at home in either a cool, modern interior or a more traditional décor. Its characteristics mean that it will fulfil both the wish for an attractive exterior and the desire for functional completeness.


This piece can be customised to suit your unique style and taste. The images shown are not reflective of every option available – at the time of ordering please contact us to discuss your preferences. Options available include:

– Black varnish
– Black varnish with macassar cassette
– Cherry
– Bird’s eye-maple
– Yew

– Nickel-plated
– Brass

– Roman
– Modern Arabic

– Silver plated

Technical Data

Case: – Black varnish with metal inlays, – Black varnish with macassar cassette and metal inlays, Height: 130.5 cm, width: 27.5 cm, depth: 11 cm, Door with magnetic closure
Crystals: Anti-reflective mineral glass
Movement: Sattler calibre 1675
Power reserve: 30 days
Drive: Weight going train 2,000 g with pulley, weight strike train 1,600 g with pulley
Oscillator: Wood rod pendulum
Ball bearings: 8 precision ball bearings
Jewel bearings: 15
Dial: Silver-plated, hand-painted moon disc, date and day display
Strike train: Half-hour rack strike train with gong, hour repeat, power-maintaining mechanism, strike train silencer
Beat rate: 3600/h – 60/min
Plates: Brass polished, nickel plated
Weight: 25 kg


Availability note: Depending on availability, delivery times may vary on certain models.

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