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Erwin Sattler Opus PMD 70

Erwin Sattler Opus PMD 70

World renowned watch, clock, and watch-winder maker Erwin Sattler presents the German made Opus PMD 70 Wall clock

AU$16,500.00 (AU$15,000.00 ex GST for deliveries outside Australia)

Benefits and prices include:

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Erwin Sattler Opus PMD 70


Erwin Sattler Opus PMD 70


Measuring just 70 centimetres in height, this fine pendulum clock will find a dignified spot almost anywhere. Its wooden housing comes in black thanks to its elaborate varnish. High-quality metal inlays are included as decorative elements. The anti-reflective mineral glass allows a completely unhindered look at the dial, hands, movement and pendulum.

The remarkable range of premium-quality features continues with the manufacture movement. Smooth running of the gear train is ensured by two precision ball bearings and seven jewels made from synthetic ruby. The inclusion of a classic Graham escapement is a given for the calibre 1412.

The time display is complemented by a pleasant passing strike. The flow of time is divided by a high-quality wood rod pendulum with a solid brass bob, which produces exactly 5,184 half oscillations per hour. The beautiful two-piece dial is made from aluminium. In addition to the roman or optional arabic hour digits, 12 applicated and polished indexes shine on the dial. Below the “12”, the moon phases can be read via a hand-painted disk. The noble dial is completed by a date display above the “6”.


This piece can be customised to suit your unique style and taste. The images shown are not reflective of every option available – at the time of ordering please contact us to discuss your preferences.

Technical Data

Case: Black varnish with metal inlays, door with magnetic closure, hidden compartment for the crank in the base, Height: 70 cm, width: 20 cm, depth: 10 cm
Crystals: Anti-reflective mineral glass, affixed on a mitre
Movement: Sattler calibre 1412
Power reserve: 7 days
Drive: Weight 1,000 g with pulley
Oscillator: Wood rod pendulum with solid, turned brass pendulum bob, polished and nickel-plated
Ball bearings: 2 precision ball bearings
Jewel bearings: 7
Dial: Aluminium, anodized, numbered, hand-painted moon disc, roman or arabic indexes, display of date
Strike train: Passing strike
Beat rate: 5.184/h
Weight: 8 kg
Limited and numbered each to 99 pieces



Availability note: Depending on availability, delivery times may vary on certain models.

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