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Service & Warranty

Service and Warranty Information

Service and Warranty - Define Watches


Service and maintenance of mechanical watches
Mechanical watches are similar to any mechanical items, they require service and care to keep them looking and working well. Depending on the make and model of your timepiece, the first service may be due a little earlier than ongoing services but generally 3-7 years is a good guide. Be sure to conduct any service work at an authorised watch service centre to ensure proper results.

Service and maintenance for quartz watches
Always refer to the instruction manual for your watch to ascertain the specific service requirements. As a general rule, ensure your watch is always water tight (unless it is a non-water resistant watch). This can be done via a pressure test when you have the battery changed or, if you have concerns, it can be conducted independently upon request.


Warranty of your watches
All reputable watch brands will offer a period of warranty on manufactory faults and issues. These issues usually come to the fore within the first 6-12 months of a watch’s life. Ensure you have warranty issues dealt with by an authorised dealer/service centre for your brand otherwise you risk voiding your warranty.

All warranty cases for Define Watches’ brands are managed via Define Watches. Simply return your watch (well packaged and protected) with a copy of the warranty card, date of purchase and completed warranty/service form. Address details and info can also be found on the website.

Items such as bands and user-related ‘accidents’ are not covered by warranty for general wear-and-tear. If in doubt about a certain feature or function of your watch, it’s better to ask first before risking a non-warranty repair due to incorrect use.

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