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Grieb & Benzinger

The quintessence of exclusive, handmade, bespoke timepieces

Positioned among the elite of bespoke watchmakers, Grieb & Benzinger is a rare, boutique watch atelier renowned for its unique reinvention of important classics. Formed by Hermann Grieb, a specialist in the traditional restoration of vintage masterpieces, and Jochen Benzinger, master watch ennobler, this relatively young company is responsible for some of the world’s most significant decorated watch reinterpretations.

Within each Grieb & Benzinger timepiece beats the heart of a freshly reformed historical movement. The filigreed components are deconstructed and restored down to the smallest detail. There are no blueprints and only a handful of specialists in the world are able to complete such complicated horological restorations and intense modifications. This places Grieb & Benzinger in a unique position within the world of horology and ensures that a timepiece by Grieb & Benzinger will appreciate in value and worth over time.

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