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Jaeger & Benzinger

A hidden gem in the watch world

Jaeger & Benzinger – a hidden gem in the watch world. This boutique, German watch brand is the collaboration of two passionate horologists and purveyors of truly hand-made products: Kay Jaeger and Jochen Benzinger.

Together they create and curate a stunning collection of handmade watches comprising exquisite limited editions with rare, vintage movements that are finished with Breguet-frosted dials and guilloched details that set them apart from other bespoke brands.

In fact, Jaeger and Benzinger is one of only a few brands that can deliver the Breguet frosted dial outside of Breguet. Jaeger & Benzinger watches can be summed up in a few simple words: optimal quality and exceptional value for money.

Kay Jaeger
For more than three decades, Kay Jaeger has devoted his time to watches, starting out as a collector and advisor for various watch labels. In 2009, he initiated the “Manufakturmesse” in Mannheim, which has been a popular alternative to larger trade fairs ever since. In 2012 he took the next logical step by planning and developing the first collection of mechanical wristwatches under the signet JAEGER & BENZINGER together with his friend Jochen Benzinger.

Jochen Benzinger
For many years, Jochen Benzinger has enjoyed an excellent reputation in the watch industry. His watches and watch movements are characterized by exceptional precision and exclusivity. Be it engraving, skeletonizing or guilloché, there is hardly another watchmaker as skilled at traditional finishing methods as the master from Pforzheim. Jochen Benzinger’s unique style is displayed in every single watch by JAEGER & BENZINGER, which makes his watches very special.

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