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Erwin Sattler Operetta

Erwin Sattler Operetta

World renowned watch, clock, and watch-winder maker Erwin Sattler presents the German made Operetta Table Clock

AU$17,500.00 (AU$15,909.09 ex GST for deliveries outside Australia)

Benefits and prices include:

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Erwin Sattler Operetta


Erwin Sattler Operetta


The new Operetta table clock allows an unobstructed view into every movement detail through six panes of glass.

Ten milled, grounded and, last but not least, gold-plated gears work tirelessly in 12 high-precision ball bearings, 11 rubies are responsible for the smooth function of the ( ) Swiss lever escapement and screw balance, the mainspring, which by means of a stop work delivers a constant force over the entire 8 days power reserve to the gear train…. All of these are typical features that define a manufacture movement from Erwin Sattler.

A fine strike when passing the 60th minute, in French “en passant”, that´s the so-called passing strike, sounds one times every full hour and completes, with the hand-painted moon disc, this horological composition.

This special gem is protected by a two-part glass case, which provides a dignified framework, with the help of polished and chrome-plated brass bars with a black varnish base, and cleverly draws the viewer’s gaze to the skeletonized dial and back plate.

Of course, all settings, from the moon phase to the regulation and the time, can be made effortlessly from the rear.

Whether in the office or in a cozy home, the Operetta fits in tastefully with any ambience. It attracts the viewer’s gaze and creates a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation.


This piece can be customised to suit your unique style and taste. The images shown are not reflective of every option available – at the time of ordering please contact us to discuss your preferences.

Technical Data

Case: Brass bars, chrome plated, black varnish base with metal inlays, Height: 23 cm, width: 16 cm, depth: 8 cm
Movement: Sattler calibre 200-4 M
Power reserve: 8 days
Drive: Mainspring with Maltese stop work for constant force
Oscillator: Swiss escapement with screw balance
Ball bearings: 12 precision ball bearings
Jewels: 11
Dial: Anodised, skeletonized, hand painted moon disc, Arabic
Strike train: Passing strike with bell
Beat rate: 18.000 /h
Weight: 6.7 kg



Availability note: Depending on availability, delivery times may vary on certain models.

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