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Erwin Sattler Classica Secunda 1985 M

Erwin Sattler Classica Secunda 1985 M

World renowned watch, clock, and watch-winder maker Erwin Sattler presents the German made Classica Secunda 1985 M Pendulum clock

AU$61,500.00 (AU$55,909.09 ex GST for deliveries outside Australia)

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Erwin Sattler Classica Secunda 1985 M


Erwin Sattler Classica Secunda 1985 M

The refined version of the precision 1935 model, manufactured over 600 times, is the perfect embellishment for an office, foyer or living room.

This pendulum clock is also an extremely accurate timepiece, maintaining a maximum accuracy deviation of one to two seconds per month. A weight running down the side allows a power reserve of 30 days. The fine gear wheel teeth and the use of ball or jewel bearings for all turning parts ensure a service life lasting for many generations. The slight changes in the length of the Super Invar pendulum rod, which are caused by temperature, are counterbalanced by a precisely calculated, freely swinging compensation tube. Three bevelled glass panes allow a fascinating view of some of the Classica Secunda 1985’s internal secrets. An additional window in the top allows light to illuminate the movement from above. The clock’s plates, pillars, pallet bridges and cocks, gear wheels, guide rollers and chatons are milled and turned in small-batch series in the manufacture. Many components are finished by hand and decorated with gold-plating. The winding crank, fine adjustment weights and additional accessories are hidden in a compartment in the bottom of the case. The attention to detail that goes into the manufacture of the Classica Secunda 1985 makes it a functional yet beautiful object, which will be treasured for a very long time.


This piece can be customised to suit your unique style and taste. The images shown are not reflective of every option available – at the time of ordering please contact us to discuss your preferences.

Technical Data

– Black varnish
– Black varnish with walnut root wood cassette
– Walnut with walnut root wood cassette
– Glass window in the top of the case
– Door with magnetic closure
– Height: 145 cm, width: 37 cm, depth: 18 cm
Crystals: Bevelled mineral glass
Movement: Sattler calibre 1955-4
Power reserve: 30 days
Drive: Weight 3,100 g with pulley with jewelled bearings
Oscillator: Invar pendulum Ø 12 mm, temperature and airpressure compensation, 5 aneroid capsules with air pressure display in mm/Hg
Ball bearings: 5 precision ball bearings
Jewel bearings: 9 in screwed-in chatons, 2 agate anchor pallets
Dial: Silver-plated
Beat rate: 3.600/h = Precision seconds pendulum clock
Plates: Brass, polished and nickel plated
Weight: 55 kg


Availability note: Depending on availability, delivery times may vary on certain models.

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