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Habring² Felix Doppel38 Beige Panda

Habring² Felix Doppel38 Beige Panda

The Habring² Felix Doppel38 Beige Panda embodies a casual elegance, blending a slightly more colourful dial with uncompromised legibility, making it an ideal companion for warmer months. Meticulously handcrafted, this watch reflects three decades of expertise in double chronographs and encapsulates the “less is more” philosophy with its minimalist design, smaller dimensions, and high-quality in-house movement. The Beige Panda, housed in a stainless steel case with a silver-white granular metal dial and contrasting black chronograph highlights, strikes the perfect balance between casual allure and serious function, all while maintaining Habring²’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

AU$14,100.00 (AU$12,818.18 ex GST for deliveries outside Australia)

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Habring² Felix Doppel38 Beige Panda


Habring² Felix Doppel38 Beige Panda

Less is more – also on the wrist

Three decades of experience with double chronographs, combined with loving craftsmanship and the tact of impressive elegance: the new Doppel38 is a true gem.

What do the economist Ernst F. Schumacher, the Japanese bestselling author Marie Kondo and the successful influencer Mirjam Flatau have in common? They all live and work according to the principle “Less is more”. In other words, size is not everything. Schumacher, a German-born British economist who died in 1977, was already pleading for sustainability when this term did not yet appear over-extensively in many political party programmes. In his opinion, size does not stand for value. It can be beneficial, but it doesn’t have to be. In his book Small is beautiful, Schumacher pleaded for a return to human measure.

The Japanese Marie Kondo tries to teach her followers: Less is more. Especially in the wardrobe you should create order from her point of view and limit yourself to the most important things. Influencer Mirjam Flatau is convinced: “I think that minimalism is not just a trend, but a further development of the classic style in the fashion world. You invest in good quality – and keep the clothes, if possible, for several years, if not decades.”

The new timekeeper made by Habring² is also a supporter of this creative “levity”. Obviously, the Doppel38 combines all the quality features that have been appreciated by the customers of the Carinthian manufactory for years – he is “made with love” as all the others. But he is just a little bit smaller than his bigger brothers from the Habring² collection.

Trend towards downsizing

In fact, the trend towards downsizing can be hardly overlooked even in the watch world. While it was in vogue to have large and massive accessories yesterday, today elegant decency is in demand, without of course compromising on technology. However, there clearly are some watch lovers who still love it one size bigger. Naturally, they will also find the right timepiece in the Habring² collection, which fits the stronger wrist.

The new Doppel38 with its case diameter of over 38 millimetres is anything but a very petite contemporary. There were times in the history of watches when such a diameter was considered “oversize”. Then many manufacturers brought real XXL models on the market, which no longer fit under any shirt cuffs. And since every trend is known to invoke a countertrend, it was only a matter of time before more decency was desired again. The new Doppel38 accommodates this desire; it has a smaller volume in both diameter and height and concentrates on what matters. Whether the size is a little smaller or larger, quality has always been the priority for the Habring ² manufactory.
But of course, the new double chronograph from Völkermarkt has much more to offer than just discreet dimensions and an elegant appearance. It is about time to take a closer look at the double Felix 38. He really packs up a punch! Although the Doppel-Felix is the youngest member of the Habring² collection, he has the genes of 30 years of experience in the production of double or drag hand chronographs. All relevant wheels (split wheel and chronograph seconds wheels) are made by hand, just like their prototypes three decades ago. Our (and maybe soon yours) Doppel38 is literally created by loving hands. Yes, Doppel38 also has “brothers” from other families. “Brothers” who perhaps may have a more modern construction, because they have been produced by industrial means. But then they are, after all, large-scale productions, industrial products without the human factor.

Movement: 100 percent inhouse effort

For humans, time is an incredibly scarce and important resource. Every second counts. And what complication could pay homage to this realisation in a more appropriate way than a double chrono. Especially when this double chrono was created by hand. Because no matter whether our timepieces are a little bit bigger or smaller, our manufactory remains small and beautiful. Furthermore, we rely exclusively on manual work. This applies in a special way to the movement. It goes without saying that it is 100 percent inhouse effort and equipped with the finest finish. And on top of that, the Doppel38 is truly modest – the buyer gets a beautiful and high-quality watch at a fair price. Yes, we are convinced: The Doppel38 is certainly a split chronograph with an outstanding price/performance ratio on the market.
The Doppel38 is waiting for you. Don’t let this fine ticking specimen wait too long.

The slightly more colourful treatment of this dial delivers a bolder look without compromising legibility. This is a perfect watch for warmer months, combining a casual look with a serious function to create an overall look of casual elegance on the wrist.


Movement Habring² A11R-H1:

– Diameter 30 mm; height 7,0 mm
– Hour hand, minute hand, small seconds hand at 9 o’clock
– Mono-pusher chronograph with a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock
– Split seconds hand
– 28,800 half-oscillations per hour (4Hz)
– Hand-wound with 48 hours of power reserve
– Tangential screw fine adjustment
– Amagnetic escapement with Carl Haas balance hairspring in chronometer quality
– KIF shockproof pursuant to DIN and NIHS
– 27 rubies
– Elaborately hand-finished with polished edges, decorative engraving, perlage, etc.
– 98 service-relevant single components


– Stainless steel, three parts, diameter 38.5 mm (main) with 41mm bezel, visible height 11,5mm (13mm over domed crystal centers)
– Waterproof to the equivalent of a depth of 30 meters
– Spherical sapphire crystal
– Double-sealed crown, sapphire caseback
– Consecutive serial number engraved between the lugs at 6 o’clock


– Silver-white granular metal dial with black printing and contrasting black chorograph highlights
– Polished, 3 coloured steel hands

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