Lang & Heyne Dresden

The beauty of time

The exclusive independent watch brand Lang & Heyne creates timepieces that combine extraordinary constructions, unique complications and delicate finishes housed in precious materials to present ticking treasures that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Based in Dresden, Germany’s cradle of Saxon watchmaking, the company was formed shortly before the millennium by fifth-generation watchmaker Marco Lang to proudly continue a noble horological lineage. Collections are inspired by the great rulers from Saxony and around Dresden because the, and the region they cared for, are known for their instrumental role in reformation, cultural, political and artistic advancement during times of great change.

Today, the company’s goal is simple: to create the most beautiful version of time possible and continue to challenge possibilities.
The production of a Lang & Heyne timepiece requires the highest level of manual skill and technical knowledge. By incorporating modern technologies with long-forgotten methods such as silver grinding, Lang & Heyne ensures each piece is both functionally precise and aesthetically stunning.

A Lang & Heyne watch is more than a just timepiece; it’s a statement about its owner that discreetly reflects his/her style and sophistication. In this sense, brand recognition takes on less importance when a timepiece speaks for itself.

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We hope you are enthralled with the elegant timepieces from this noble, boutique watchmaker from Dresden and appreciate the high degree of customisation possible within each collection.