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Lang & Heyne Dresden Georg Platinum

Lang & Heyne Dresden Georg Platinum

The Lang & Heyne Dresden Georg Platinum Men’s Manual winding Luxury watch. Featuring a 40mm Platinum case, impressive White dial, 3 ATM / 30m water resistance, and outstanding precision, this timepiece showcases the premium design and quality that independent German watchmaker Lang & Heyne Dresden is renowned for.

AU$101,500.00 (AU$92,272.73 ex GST for deliveries outside Australia)

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Lang & Heyne Dresden Georg Platinum


Lang & Heyne Georg Platinum

A true love story. Georg, Duke of Saxony in the late 1400s/early 1500s, so grieved the loss of his wife Barbara that he grew a beard after her death and wore it to his grave. His act of devotion earned him the pet-title “Georg the Bearded”. After his ascension at the age of 17 he adopted a strict attitude to morality which continued throughout his long reign. Hi leadership was unswerving, clear and direct during a time of change.

Lang & Heyne’s Georg collection epitomises this uncompromising dedication to clarity through its clean lines and edges, demonstrating the beauty and elegance of a rectangular case on the wrist. The case itself is slightly curved to hug the wrist without compromising its linear appeal. Additional features such as an oversized small second and silky enamel dial set this timepiece far ahead of its peers in both aesthetics and functionality.

The stunning, hand-crafted, in-house Calibre VIII movement is a beauty in its own right. Its open structure showcases the flame-bled screws, golden wheels, diamond feature on the balance and sunken ruby jewels.

In terms of form, design, fit and functionality Georg is one of our absolute favourites and definitely deserves a place in any collection.

The beautiful Georg collection features three case materials: massive 18ct rose gold, massive 18ct white gold and 950 platinum.

Each piece has its own appeal and is very much driven by the style choices of its wearer.

Platinum Georg perfectly combines contemporary materials with classic design. The addition of flame-blued hands affords a pristine, subtle aesthetic. The warm colours of the movement, which can be seen via the generous sapphire exhibition case back, are strikingly framed by the crisp silver of the platinum case.

Technical details

Case: 40 x 32mm, height 9.4mm, sapphire crystal case top and back, 3ATM, 950 Platinum
Dial: Rectangular simple sunk enamel dial, Art Deco numerals with blue accents
Movement: Manual winding, 55 hour power reserve, hour and minute indication, huge eccentric second (14.5mm), second hand stop, in-house calibre VIII

Lang & Heyne: Tradition and Values

Tradition and value are evident in all aspects of a Lang & Heyne timepiece.  However, several highlights ensure your Lang & Heyne stands apart from its contemporaries in both style and finish.

  1. Unmistakeable: three lugs provide a stable hold for the watch strap and emphasize the vertical axis to balance it against the crown and its protective form.

Lang & Heyne Dresden Georg Platinum - Define Watches

  1. Detail: polished and partly flame-blued screws are a particular source of pride for Lang & Heyne. Using a fine, goat’s hair brush on domed threads and bevelled/polished heads, in-house specialists manufacture only 12 to 15 screws per day!

Lang & Heyne Dresden Georg Platinum - Define Watches

  1. Heritage: using a rediscovered method from the 18th and 19th century, plates, bridges and balance cocks are given a unique cover known as silver grinding which uses a stiff-bristle brush to apply a special mixture to the brass movement component resulting in a fine, grain-like surface that is then gold-plated.

Lang & Heyne Dresden Georg Platinum - Define Watches

  1. Hands: every attention is given to the perfection of the three-dimensional shape and fill of the hands whether they are ornate, engraved Louis-XV hands or perfectly filed/polished spade & cathedral hands, the beauty is in the detail.

Lang & Heyne Dresden Georg Platinum - Define Watches

  1. Precision: the balance spring is mathematically and precisely calculated to enhance every oscillation. The last coil is carefully adjusted upwards for precision by an experienced specialist in a time-consuming and exacting procedure so you reap the benefits of better timing.

Lang & Heyne Dresden Georg Platinum - Define Watches

  1. Solid gold: since 2016 each Lang & Heyne watch houses golden wheels with chamfered spokes combined with steel pinions to decrease friction and enhance performance.

Lang & Heyne Dresden Georg Platinum - Define Watches

  1. More gold: in accordance with Saxon watchmaking tradition, polished gold chatons are countersunk and screwed into the bridges and balance cocks, giving the ruby jewels a deep, fiery-red appearance. However, the crowning glory is the diamond that crowns the masterpiece, visually enhancing and protecting the tongued jewels set below and ensuring the sensitive pivot is resistant against shock.

Lang & Heyne Dresden Georg Platinum - Define Watches

  1. Enamel: Many models feature a pristine enamel dial, produced in several layers through a complex manufacturing process that delivers a charming, characterful result, well-suited to Lang & Heyne’s noble collection.

Lang & Heyne Dresden Georg Platinum - Define Watches

  1. Moustache Anchor: the anchor system is made of solid gold and operates in the lever escapement to correct the barycentre of the anchor which facilitates smoother power transmission to the balance in various positions, enhancing performance and power usage.

Lang & Heyne Dresden Georg Platinum - Define Watches

  1. In-house calibres: it goes without saying that this level of watchmaking and attention to detail is achieved by overseeing and steering every aspect of production. Lang & Heyne develops and uses in-house, manufactory calibres in all its timepieces.


Draw the curtain for a LANG & HEYNE with edges and corners! The huge, completely visible movement shows its finely finished golden wheels, levers and springs, which we do not want to hide.

Lang & Heyne Dresden Georg Platinum - Define Watches

Made of stainless steel, the avant-garde bridges and cocks with domed top and the large polished stone countersink capture and reflect light in every viewing angle.

Lang & Heyne Dresden Georg Platinum - Define Watches

Different forms and materials combined with the contrast of polished and matted surfaces give the movement depth and a fascinating geometry. Thus- as watchmakers – we confidently claim ourselves to be architects of beautiful miniaturized mechanics.

Lang & Heyne Dresden Georg Platinum - Define Watches



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