Jaeger & Benzinger

A hidden gem in the watch world

Jaeger & Benzinger – a hidden gem in the watch world. This boutique, German watch brand is the collaboration of two passionate horologists and purveyors of truly hand-made products: Kay Jaeger and Jochen Benzinger. Together they create and curate a stunning collection of handmade watches comprising exquisite limited editions with rare, vintage movements that are finished with Breguet-frosted dials and guilloched details that set them apart from other bespoke brands. In fact, Jaeger and Benzinger is one of only a few brands that can deliver the Breguet frosted dial outside of Breguet. Jaeger & Benzinger watches can be summed up in a few simple words: optimal quality and exceptional value for money.

Do you live outside Australia or New Zealand? We are authorised to sell some models overseas, so please contact us for more information