Water Resistance Table

Water resistance: the ability to withstand splashes of water. Terms such as “water resistant to 50 meters” or “water resistant to 200 meters” indicate that the watch can be worn underwater to various depths but it can be misleading. Generally a watch used for water sports and swimming should have at least 100m (10bar) water resistance. This table is designed as a guide:

Water resistance level Suitability Recommendations
Water resistant 30 m or 50 m Suitable for washing hands. 50 m suitable for showering and light swimming. not suitable for swimming or diving
Water resistant 100 m Suitable for recreational surfing, swimming, snorkelling, sailing and water sports. not suitable for diving
Water resistant 200 m Suitable for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports. suitable for diving
Diver’s 100 m Minimum ISO standard (ISO 6425) for scuba diving at depths NOT requiring helium gas. Diver’s 100 m and 150 m watches are generally old(er) watches
Diver’s 200 m or 300 m Suitable for scuba diving at depths NOT requiring helium gas. Typical ratings for contemporary diver’s watches
Diver’s 300+ m helium safe Suitable for saturation diving (helium enriched environment). Watches designed for helium mixed-gas diving will have additional markings to point this out