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Kudoke HANDwerk Kudoke 3

Kudoke HANDwerk Kudoke 3

The Kudoke HANDwerk Kudoke 3 manual winding luxury watch features a 39mm stainless steel case, impressive two-part silvered dial, and outstanding precision. With the in-house Kaliber 1, this timepiece showcases the premium design and quality that independent German watchmaker Kudoke is renowned for.

AU$16,950.00 (AU$15,409.09 ex GST for deliveries outside Australia)

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Kudoke HANDwerk Kudoke 3


Kudoke HANDwerk Kudoke 3

Levelled time

Following the success of Kudoke’s first two models in the stunning HANDwerk (KUDOKE 1 and KUDOKE 2), Kudoke 3 presents a unique and highly structured time indication designed for functionality and admiration.

As with the two previous models, the unique form of the HANDwerk collection is unmistakable in this timepiece. Meticulously applied elements harmonise with the matte frosted dial surface, lending this model a sophisticated simplicity. Inspired by antique English pocket watches, Stefan Kudoke has reinterpreted the style of the HANDwerk line and thus chosen a somewhat unconventional way of displaying the time for the KUDOKE 3 model. The time window cut-out consists of 3 levels with 3 separat hands that track the hours in intervals of four hours.

Unravelling time on the Kudoke 3
Minutes: The minutes are “classically” indicated by the large, centred, blued steel hand that tracks around the dial in a normal circular fashion.

Hours: The hours are indicated in the semi-circular display window, split over 3 different levels. Hour indication is done with the help of three arms of different lengths that run from left to right across the corresponding level. As each 4 hour ‘shift’ comes to an end the hand on that level disappears and the next reappears on the adjacent level without missing a beat so that when one arm of the hands reaches the end of its hour scale, the next longer or shorter arm appears at the beginning of the next. Hours 2, 6 and 10 are shown twice on different scales before the current hand arm moves on. Simple yet unique and quite dramatic on the wrist.

There are also several other points of difference on the Kudoke 3 that give this watch its je ne sais quoi. The infinity sign, a signature of the HANDwerk collection, is located at the 12 o’clock position as well as on the tip of the minute hand making a meaningful statement each hour, on the hour, when the two meet for a moment in time while the hour scale remains clearly contained. In this design choice, Stefan has cleverly juxtaposed the concept of the infinite and finite – like yin and Yang.

With its gently curving wave shape, the rhodinised upper dial (with Kudoke’s logo plate) balances the curved segments on the hour plate. It is mounted on the lower dial together with the minute ring by four screws, which also represent the minute indicators 10, 20, 40 and 50. The different levels and tasteful tonal mix afford the dial impressive depth. Diamond edges on the hour plate, logo plate and minute chapter ring offer interesting possibilities for light play and definition. As with previous models, the understated 39mm, polished, stainless-steel case with classic onion crown and 10.3 mm case height, provides an appropriate setting for this classic and intriguing piece of horological art. Inside the watch beats the heart of Kudoke – the in-house KALIBER 1 which can be admired in all its glory via the generous exhibition case back.

Kudoke 3 is the perfect blend of design, craftsmanship and horology and represents amazing value for handwork and in-house production.


Technical Specifications


Stainless Steel, completely polished

Diameter  39 mm, Height 10.3 mm

Waterresistant  up to 5 ATM Onion  crown stainless steel Screwed base and bezel Sapphire glass on top and back



Kaliber 1, hand winding

Diameter  30 mm

Height 4.3 mm

18 jewels

Rate: 28’800 vibrations per hour

Power reserve 46 hours

Frosted hand-finish  of wheel bridge

Handengraved balance cock with infinity symbol


Dial & Hands:

Frosted two-part dial, silvered/ rhodinized, with rhodinized chapter  ring on top dial and plate to indicate  hours in three sections  on dial below

Steel hands tempered blue, minute hand with infinity symbol, three-armed hour hand


Strap & Buckle

Leather or Alcantara  strap

Buckle stainless steel

electively folding clasp stainless steel

Additional information

Weight 1 kg



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