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Kudoke HANDwerk Kudoke 2 - Dark Tahitian MOP

Kudoke HANDwerk Kudoke 2 - Dark Tahitian MOP

The Kudoke 2 – Dark Tahitian MOP Luxury watch. Featuring a refined case, impressive dial, and outstanding precision, this timepiece showcases the premium design and quality that independent watchmaker is renowned for.

AU$21,600.00 (AU$19,636.36 ex GST for deliveries outside Australia)

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Kudoke HANDwerk Kudoke 2 – Dark Tahitian MOP


Kudoke HANDwerk Kudoke 2 – Dark Tahitian Mother of Pearl

This piece delivers Kudoke’s signature design restraint combined with artistic nuance. The addition of the small day/night disk at 12 o’clock provides a 24 hour display to enhance the functionality without complicating the elegant dial.

Kudoke handcraft and individuality

There are myriad watches available but very few are truly handmade to trigger special emotions. Stefan Kudoke’s watches are characterized by the perfectly coordinated refinements of their movements and a strong emphasis on individuality. This is how a Kudoke timepiece transforms over weeks of manual work into a bespoke work of art.
Stefan’s top priority is individuality – an individuality that cannot be found in a mass-produced series, but rather in single pieces. By realizing special requests and bespoke customization, each KUDOKE reflects the personality of its owner.

“The maintenance of traditional watchmaking and the creation of something special is our daily drive – the creation of an extraordinary watch is our goal.” Stefan Kudoke

The Dark Tahitian Mother of Pearl dial beautifully picks up the steely highlights of the day/night disk to deliver a modern interpretation of this classic timepiece.

So, take your time with the extraordinary, mechanical masterpieces from KUDOKE where … time is for you

Technical Specifications

Case: stainless steel – sapphire glass on front and caseback – onion crown – case diameter 39 mm – case height 10.7 mm

Movement: Inhouse Kaliber 1-24H – dial-side modification to achieve a 24-hour indication at 12 o’clock – handwinding – diameter 30 mm – height 5.05 mm – 18 jewels – power reserve 46 h – 28.800 half oscillations/hour – finished by hand – raised hand-engraved balance cock

Hands: steel, tempered blue, hour hand infinity shaped

Dial: Dark Tahitian Mother of Pearl dial. Domed, hand-engraved sky-disc at 12 o’clock to indicate 24hrs.

Strap and Buckle: Leather strap. Buckle made of stainless steel.



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