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Shar Green

Shar Green

The Shar Green Luxury watch. Featuring a refined case, impressive dial, and outstanding precision, this timepiece showcases the premium design and quality that independent watchmaker is renowned for.

AU$2,595.00 (AU$2,359.09 ex GST for deliveries outside Australia)

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Shar Green


Alexander Shorokhoff Shar Green
Reference: AS.SH01-5

The spherical shape is encountered everywhere: in nature, in technology, and even in art. The shape approaches perfection – without edges and corners, but also without beginning and end. The form fascinates many artists and technicians to new art objects or technical discoveries. Alexander Shorokhov was also fascinated by the shape of the sphere and created his new watch “Shar” in an absolutely round shape. Synonymous with the shape of the watch is also its name, which was not chosen by chance. Translated from Russian, it means “sphere”.

The case and the front glass are united in the shape of a sphere. In order to connect the bottom and the body of the case without additional edges and holes, a single-screw design was developed. The screw is located in the center of the caseback, connects the two parts in a waterproof way and also has a hemispherical shape that matches the overall shape. The sapphire crystal is perfectly matched to the spherical shape and blends almost seamlessly with the case. Inside the watch ticks the Swiss movement ETA.2671 with automatic winding. The rotor of the movement is hand-engraved, in-house at Alexander Shorokhoff, and the dial is hand-engraved with floral motifs and finished with rhodium to retain its alluring shine. The elegant hands are flame-blued and contrast the dial in a subtle fashion that also delivers good legibility.

The lugs are also made of small spheres and hold the strap to the watch with the help of a bar. Either a steel bracelet or a leather strap can be used here. Inside the watch ticks the Swiss movement ETA.2671 with automatic winding. The rotor of the movement is hand-engraved, as usual for Alexander Shorokhoff.

The result is a world first: a perfectly round wristwatch. This collection represents a bold step for its designer, Alexander Shorokhoff, who attempts to venture into the ‘new’ with its futuristic design. Whether viewed as an art object of functional timepiece, the wearer or viewer will decide. But that’s exactly how this watch was conceived and designed. As such, this exceptional piece of jewellery is more than the sum of its parts. With a limited edition of only 30 pieces, the “Shar” ball watch is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the manufacture.

The Shar Green is intended to reflect the natural, circular inspiration behind this collection. The beautiful gradient of the malachite dial plays with light in the most delightful way to create a fascinating array of hues as the hours of daylight and darkness pass by. Wear this piece of jewellery on its lovely green band for a dramatic effect.

Technical data

Calibre: automatic movement 2671.AS, hand engraved and finished oscillating weight, blued screws, 25 jewels, power reserve about 42 hours;
Functions: Hours, minutes, centre second, date
Case: stainless steel, 3 atm Diameter: 25 mm; Height 25,8 mm
Crystal: sapphire crystal, shaped as a hemisphere
Dial: New-Silver hand-engraved, coated with rhodium, green malachite
Strap lugs: 16 mm
Hands: Genuine alligator leather strap with special lug, screwed; with engraved solid stainless steel buckle
Limited edition: 30 pieces


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