Define Watches’ Premier Collection – alternative investments…

With economists and financial experts talking about real estate bubbles, erratic currencies and unpredictable share markets, investors are looking for alternatives with less risky terms.

History has shown that certain, well selected, items of rare or unique heritage and special or precious manufacture, not only hold their value but increase steadily as time goes by. Watches often fall into the category of appreciable collectables, especially if they are of limited number and comprise precious materials such as gold or platinum.

As well as offering a selection of affordable and functional watches, Define Watches also holds a carefully curated collection of special pieces for those wanting to invest in time.

We hold several one-of-a-kind watches, rare limited editions and gold timepieces for private viewing. We also source special movements and complications for custom-designed pieces. In these cases, the entire creation process can be as collaborative as you wish and is designed exclusively to suit each timepiece.

Our premium collection is constantly changing and currently comprises the following timepieces. For further information about Define’s Premier Collection or Bespoke Creation, please contact Peter directly or 0401 326 998