A situation that many divers are familiar with: the equipment is ready, everything has been checked, the dive can begin. But you are now missing a diving watch as an additional instrument for monitoring the diving time and decompression time. The problem: your diving watch needs to be worn over your wetsuit. But the fact remains that the length of the silicone strap is usually adjusted for wearing directly on the wrist and regular diver extensions are usually inadequate for the necessary additional strap lengths. So what’s to be done?

A quick and easy change of silicone strap before the dive would be an enormous help at this point. Firstly because the diver wants to
monitor the time of the diving breaks. Secondly because he does not want to be fiddling around with a tool under adverse conditions
in order to swap the complete strap. Lastly, there is not always sufficient space on a boat, quite apart from the possibility of losing it. The
requirement: it must be possible to adjust the silicone strap on the diving watch easily and without stress, without having to spend a lot
of time in preparation. In a nutshell: the diver needs a diving watch with a strap system that can be adjusted as quickly as possible to the
different conditions, such as a larger wrist diameter when wearing a wetsuit.