MeisterSinger Wrist Size Guide

Helping you choose the right MeisterSinger for your wrist size & lifestyle

MeisterSinger watches come in a variety of case sizes and thicknesses as well as colours and complications. If you are unsure about the right model for you, we’ve developed a quick reference guide based on general wrist size to case diameter ration of course personal preference may lead you in another direction, but the guide may help if you are unsure.

The other factor to consider is the shape of your wrist. Flat wrists can often take larger case sizes than rounder wrists even though the overall wrist circumference is the same. Once again personal preference will guide your choice somewhat.

Case Sizing

CM 34mm Carelia, Karelia
NEO 36mm NEO and NEO Q
CM 38mm No. 1, No. 3, Perigraph, Scrypto
BM 40mm Pangaea
AM 43mm No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, Perigraph, Scrypto, Unomatik, Singulator, Singular, Paleograph
GM 52mm Granmatik

NB: Usually wrist sizes of 180mm circumference and larger tend to go for 40+mm case sizes.

Differences between models

Time only models

NEO watches are a brilliant unisex model with a retro ‘50s’ look thanks to the doomed plexiglas and small case size. NEO is available in a range of colours and bands options. NEO also comes as a quartz line in pastel tones for ladies. (The NEO also has a date display)

No. 1 is the entry level mechanical watch with Sapphire crystal based upon a MANUAL wind movement. Available in both BM (38mm) and AM (43mm) models there is something for smaller and bigger wrist sizes.

No. 3 has basically the same ‘look’ as the No. 1 but is based on an AUTOMATIC mechanical movement. Also available in BM (38mm) and AM (43mm) case sizes making it suitable for most wrist types.

No. 2 is a beautiful, slightly bigger, movement based on a manual fob watch calibre that has been ennobled and is viewable via an open sapphire crystal case back. Available in AM (43mm) case size only.

Pangaea offers a mid-size option between the BM (38mm) and AM (43mm) case sizes. The Pangaea case is 40mm and is also slightly thinner and more moulded to the wrist thus sitting a little flatter on a rounded wrist. (The Pangaea is also available as a day date model.)

Watches with complications

Perigraph features a date wheel and is available in BM (38mm)and AM (43mm)case sizes

Pangaea is also available with a central day and date wheel as PM (40mm) only

Unomatik features a power reserve and comes as AM (43mm) only

Singular features chronograph and comes as AM (43mm) only

Singulator features small second and minute and comes as AM (43mm) only



Case sizes


Single or multi hand


Carelia/Karelia 34mm Manual Available as both Small second on 2 hand models
NEO 36mm Automatic Available as both Date
NEO Q 36mm Quartz Available as both Date
No. 1 38mmBM & 43mmAM Manual Single Time only
No. 2 AM 43mm Manual Single Time only
No. 3 38mmBM & 43mmAM Automatic Single Time only
Pangaea PM 40mm Automatic Available as both Time only and Day/Date
Perigraph 38mmBM & 43mmAM Automatic Single Date wheel
Scrypto 38mmBM & 43mmAM Automatic Multi Time and date
UNOmatik AM 43mm Automatic Single Power reserve
Singular AM 43mm Automatic Single Chronograph
Singulator AM 43mm Manual Single Small minute and second
Paleograph AM 43mm Manual Single Single pusher chronograph
24hr & 6Hr AM 43mm Manual Single Time only
Granmatik GM 52mm Automatic Available as both Time only also available with date

NB: The Manual movement used in the No.2, Singulator are based upon a beautiful Unitas pocket watch calibres.