Bruno Söhnle Clasp Fitting Tips

How to adjust a Bruno Söhnle deployment clasp

Step 1: remove the watch from the box


Step 2: press the pushers on each side of the buckle to release and open the deployment clasp


Step 3: open the clasp fully and release the small flap on the underside of the clasp as shown


Step 4: Once the flap is open simply move the buckle to the length you desire and push the small pin on the underside into the appropriate hole in the band. Press until you feel a light click to indicate the clasp is firmly closed. NB new leather bands will sometimes resist until they soften and form to the correct length – this is normal for a few weeks.


Step 5: close the buckle by fastening the short band end first then guide the other side into position as shown and press to close.


Step 6: Enjoy wearing your watch!