Armin Strom Configurator
Imagine, Choose, Create your custom Armin Strom watch

Ever dreamed of designing your own watch?
Here’s your chance to sit in the driver’s seat and take control of the function, look and finish of a bespoke Armin Strom timepiece.

Armin Strom’s watch configurator allows you to try out different case materials, calibre types, movement finishes and colours, hand combinations and strap variations.

Let your imagination run wild or keep it classic… the options are limitless.

Once you’ve designed your piece why not print it out for your dream board or email it to us at Define Watches for the best ‘direct sale’ price & let us save you even more money by handling all international shipping, insurance and customs handling fees.

We will also keep you up to date with the production as your horological creation comes to life.

Have fun designing and we look forward to helping you bring your dreams to life.

Configuring your masterpiece watch

Step 1

Launch the Armin Storm Configurator and design your dream timepiece

Step 2

Print, screenshot, or take a photo of your design and specs and email this to

Step 3

We will price your watch to a special rate, with no hidden costs (taxes, import charges, conversions, shipping etc)

Step 4

Order your watch securely from us and sit back in excitement for your timepiece to be custom-made and priority delivered.